Service of Process


Body Worn Cameras

Our Process Servers utilize Body Worn Cameras, not only for their safety but for  the integrity of your case in the event a defendant denies being served.

*Video is not included with standard service price but may be purchased for an additional fee. 

A photograph of the recipient or address location is included free of charge.


GPS service attempt tracking.

We use industry exclusive GPS attempt tracking technology with every serve.

Includes GPS coordinates, date, timestamp and photograph of property.

*Some exceptions apply. Please ask for more details.


Professional, Reliable & Dedicated

We understand that whenever we are working on your behalf that we are seen as an extension of your company and will do so with the utmost professionalism to maintain the image that you have worked so hard for.

Additional fees that may arise

New address locate

New address locate by Process Server in the field if supplied address is incorrect.

P.O box break

Physical address associated with a PO box  USPS 5.2-B . 

Federal law dictates that this information may only be released to an authorized Process Server.

Service cancelled en route

If service is cancelled en route to the servee it will be deemed "non-service" and billed accordingly.

Restraining orders -Personal protection orders

 Any documents being served regarding a Restraining Order are $50.00 per person served,Plus service area fee.

Stake outs

Stake Out - If your documents require a stake out to serve we will bill $40 an hour. Minimum deposit of $160 (4 hours).

After hours or specific time

Any request to serve documents at a specific time or outside of our normal business hours.