Judgment Enforcement

 First, we conduct a FREE preliminary investigation into your debtor in search of assets.  Once assets are identified, we may offer to purchase the judgment from you with payments deferred until we collect money from the debtor.

We advance all costs involved in the enforcement and collection of your judgment, typically retaining 30% to 50% of the total amount recovered, and passing the balance on to you.  The larger your judgment, the lower our share.  (*All Small Claims judgments are 50%)

Our rates vary based upon the total amount of the judgment, the debtor's financial situation, and the anticipated work involved to get the job done.  We only get paid when the debtor pays which, in turn, means YOU get paid.

** We also BUY judgments! Why not get some extra cash for that piece of paper you have had sitting around for years? Contact us today to review your situation.**